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The sandblasting process consists of propelling an abrasive mixture against the rock’s surface at high speed and pressure.

This finish can be applied to all types of surfaces, concave, convex, flat and curved, giving them a more antique appearance. This type of processing also gives the stone non-slip features.

lastre sabbiate

Sawn slabs means slabs with “natural quarry surface”, and they are mainly used for the realization of outdoor flooring, thanks to their excellent resistance and durability.

This finish is obtained by brushing the natural stone surface with abrasive brushes.

As a result of this process, the surface has a matte, slightly wavy texture and a lived in-look with shades similar to natural stone.

 lastre spazzolate

The bush-hammering technique is one of the most ancient forms of rustic surface processing of Modica stone, used above all for external floor cladding, because it gives the surface a particular carved, rough and sculpted appearance, and it acts on the colour of the stone and also on its texture.

Bush-hammering is used both to characterize the surface itself, and to reduce the slipperiness of areas where people walk, as well as to provide a suitable appearance to combine with other types of processing in order to achieve specific aesthetic effects.

lastre bocciardate

Thanks to split stone processing you can appreciate the true nature of natural limestone. In this case the material is literally split in order to form a tile or block, depending on your requirements.

In this case the material used is Ragusa Stone which gives a particular shine.

These techniques can be combined with each other in order to obtain the colour and texture of your choice!

What we do

Thanks to the experience we have gained over the years, we work and shape the stone masterfully, creating decorative and functional elements for living spaces…

The quality of our work is guaranteed in particular by the use of three types of stone, typical of our region.

Modica Stone is mainly used for outdoor paved floors, wainscot components, sidewalk edging, staircladdings, corners and for any other use where no special shaping is required, because of its hardness.

Comiso Stone is a limestone rock with a compact grain extracted from the quarries of Comiso, from which it takes its name, and it is widely used as a building material for interiors and exteriors. It is very pleasant when used for “furnishing accessories”, its shine and typical blue grain making it very similar to marble.

Ragusa Stone is the hardest of the limestones in our area and it is characterized by its bright white colour. Its main applications are essentially splitting, cladding and flooring.