The advantages of stone cladding…

The use of stone cladding for facades is on the increase given that, more and more often, those who decide to build or renovate their own home opt for an eco-sustainable home using organic products.

It is precisely for this reason that stone becomes the most ecological solution and brings numerous advantages to facades. It can be cut to any size enhancing giving a natural elegance, and timeless quality.

Unlike a facade made only with plaster which, over time, must necessarily be repainted and replastered, the stone one does not need much care. In fact, if done well, they last a very long time, reducing the maintenance costs of the building. And precisely for this reason, they are increasingly preferred in the design phase. Both the aesthetics and the benefits are enormous.

Let’s find out the advantages of stone cladding for a home:

  • they adapt to every situation and allow a high degree of customization. In fact, on the market it is possible to find a high range of colors and multiplicity of processes.
  • Unlike other materials, stones have greater resistance to rain, hail, frost and mold and insects. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the interspaces in which mosses and lichens can infiltrate and can affect the interspaces.
  • Their maintenance is quite simple. Simply use a pressure washer if necessary.
  • They provide homes with excellent thermal and sound insulation. In fact, they keep the interior cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • I am durable and incombustible. And they do not require painting or special maintenance.
  • they have a higher resale value due to its durability qualities

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