Give a new look to your home…

Old and new materials are re-evaluated and revisited in a modern way, with a general desire for change that starts from the home, and almost creates a personalized microcosm in which you can live as you wish.

If you are thinking of giving a new look to your home, why not consider covering a wall with stone?/strong>

Today, stone has become a decorative element widely used to create particularly beautiful spaces, since stone lends itself to different types of decoration. Stone cladding, which is considered the cladding par excellence, is a really unique trait of our architecture.

Stone façades offer a timeless class and warmth that other materials are not able to, easily adapting to different styles of furniture, from the most rustic and traditional to the most modern and sophisticated. Nature provides us with a wide assortment of stone cladding for walls; each type of stone has, in fact, different colours, shines and veins. In addition to the type of stone, we can also choose whether to use chipped stone or polished stone.

Fake stone or Natural stone?

The effect that you get with natural stone is very different from that you get with fake stone. In fact, the shine seen in the material found in nature is not found in reconstructed stone. Each location has its own stone, and it is all beautiful, making it possible to create remarkable interior design compositions.

The variety of stone is endless, especially if we are talking about the stone of Modica, Ragusa and Comiso (which we have at our disposition) but there is other stone such as that of Trani, Tuscany, Brera, Vicenza, and so on… In order to make the work more authentic and perfectly adapted to the context, it is better to choose a local stone rather than a stone from another region.

In Sicily, for example, the stone of Modica is sought after all over the world.

You should bear in mind that…

To look its best, the wall must be specially illuminated. To bring out the roughness of the surface, it is important to choose an oblique light by placing LED bands at the top or bottom of the wall (taking care to hide them behind a plasterboard panel) or by placing adjustable spotlights shining towards the cladding. In this way, the effect we get is a solution of great impact.

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