Why choose stone floors?

The stone floor adapts to all types of spaces and it can be added both outdoors and indoors.  It can be used for the construction of paths, gardens, country yards, gravel roads, but also for the flooring of bathrooms and kitchens with original shapes and design because it is available in different colours and types, such as cubes, slabs, pebbles.

Types of flooring

There are four main types of stone flooring:

  • The cobbled floor

  • The paved floor

  • Paving or “Sampietrini” bricks

  • Mosaic

pavimenti in pietra

Stone flooring: the benefits!

  • It’s environmentally friendly – it allows you to save on heating and air conditioning of the rooms, since it is cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • It is a simple material to install;
  • Some raw natural stones are non-slip and safe;
  • A stone floor can be considered permanent because it is very resistant to wear, weather conditions and any type of stress;
  • Stone floors are also beautiful to look at and go with any style

Modica Stone…why choose it?

An excellent alternative to the usual floors are Modica Stone floors.

Given its hardness, it is mainly used for outdoor paved floors, stair claddings, corners, wainscot components, sidewalk edging. The colour varies from a shade of milky white to straw yellow.

Modica stone floors and walls are large format and this saves time and money during construction.

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